Jeffrey Gillespie for the Daily Tidings


"Rogue Theater Company's wonderfully articulated vision of Marsha Norman's 'night, Mother is a tour de force, a powerful commentary on American life and of the hidden despair and desperation that many of us face on a daily basis. Compellingly acted and beautifully staged, this production of the Pulitzer Prize winning play is a must-see."

Gillespie Interviews Jessica Sage


"Sage decisions for new theater company"

Paul Costa for Theatre in Oregon


"Outside of OSF, you don’t get a whole lot of shows like this one in the area: gripping dramas that choose character over spectacle."

John Darling for the Mail Tribune


“This play will stay with people, to contemplate.  It's the kind of theater where people will want to go out for a drink afterward and continue discussing it, and that’s what theater is supposed to do, to enlighten, entertain and reflect on it, on your own.”

Tidings' Evalyn Hansen Interview


"Backstage: Finding truth is exciting"